The GreatUniHack, sponsored by Intel on the 8th of March 2014, was a great success with over 80 attendees and 20 teams.

You can find a detailed run down of the event on the @GreatUniHack twitter account and on Desk and Co's live blog of the event.

The Winners

Best Overall

Joe Forshaw with Convinced of the Hex, a territory game

Best Game

Audrey Leow, Sarah Kelso, Daniel Underwood and Ryszard Rowinski with a Kinect Controlled Game, Flappy Nerds

Most Useful

Paul Pistea, Nenu Adrian, Eduard Bunduc & Horia-Danut Stanciu with a text based wiki and timetable API

Most Quirky

Ignas Bolsakovas, Struan McDonough, Arjun Mistry,
Hugh Williams with a cat fact SMS service

Best use of ClockWork API

Fran Popescu, Adrian Culea, Vlad Berianu and Radu Ghitescu with
a dating service for CS students

The Perfectionist

Open for another week.
So don't miss your chance to win some Layershift credit and report some bugs.

Thank you

Thank you to everyone that attended, we hope you had a great time! We're already starting to work on plans for a 24 hour event near year.

Photos are up on the CSSoc Facebook Page.


Sponsoring the event and providing prizes for the challenge winners


Want to win some prizes? Well beat one (or more) of the challenges we have set for you and you just might win some really cool stuff!

eBuyer sponsored

Game Dev
  • We’re looking for the most
  • entertaining and addictive game
  • Originality and impressive features are a must
  • Winning team gets
  • Func KB-460 Gaming Keyboard
  • Func MS-3 Gaming Mouse
  • Ebuyer Mugs

Intel sponsored

Best Overall
  • Out of all of the projects,
  • which do we think deserves the prize?
  • Winning team gets
  • 2x Intel Core i7-4770K
  • 2x SSD 530 240GB
  • Team Dignitas merchandise

Ampersand sponsored

Most Useful
  • Solve a problem or
  • build something silly
  • To stand out, demonstrate a innovative solution
  • Winning team gets
  • A £200 worth of Amazon vouchers for the team
  • (£50 for each team member)

GitHub sponsored

Most Quirky
  • Build something really quirky and different
  • Best way to capture our attention is to surprise us
  • Winning team gets
  • A GitHub swag pack including:
  • GitHub Stickers
  • A GitHub t-shirt of choice

Layershift sponsored

The Perfectionist
  • Build your hack on Layershift's Jelastic PaaS
  • (Java, PHP, Ruby) with £10 free Jelastic credit
  • Submit bug reports and feature requests
  • Every valid report wins +£25 free Jelastic credit
  • Most prolific reporter ("The Perfectionist") wins
  • the title plus an extra £500 free Jelastic credit

Clockwork sponsored

Best use of API
  • Build you hack using the Clockwork API
  • Do something cool, new and excting using SMS
  • Winning team gets
  • Urbanears Plattan On-ear Headphones
  • for each
  • member of the team